Why My OCD is Good for Your Business

The same qualities that drive my husband CRAZY will make you LOVE me!  There are certain things that I like “just so”… like for instance, soup spoons and teaspoons should not co-mingle in the silverware drawer.  I mean, you can imagine the disappointment when I pour my morning Fruity Pebbles and errantly grab a teaspoon, right???

An orderly silverware drawer is calming to me – there are no surprises in there (like god forbid a steak knife).  It is efficient – just grab and go, no searching for what I need.  And in my eternal quest for a tidy house, my neatly stacked forks are the epitome of organization.

So how does my tidy drawer help YOU, the small business owner?  Well, I want your marketing materials to be as perfect as possible. I deliver your work on time.  I don’t mince words; my articles and posts are clear and concise.  And I always strive for perfection.

And for the record my business partner, Amy, alphabetizes her music CD collection. She’s good for your business too!

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