Welcome to InTrust Marketing

Welcome to inTrust Marketing

Welcome to InTrust Marketing from Colleen and Amy!  We’re thrilled to announce the creation of our new marketing company designed to make you – the small business owner – look better than ever!  We’ve each spent 2+ decades in the business and marketing world,  and we’ve continually seen a need that all small business owners shared – the need for great marketing materials.  Hastily created websites, sell sheets, press releases, Facebook business pages, etc., can be detrimental to a small business where every lead counts.

Our goal at InTrust Marketing is to make you look good to your clients and potential clients.  Every communication from your company should be professional in appearance and meaningful in content.   As our name implies, you can trust us to make a good impression on your audience, increasing your chances to make the sale.

As an entrepreneur, you are required to be the jack-of-all-trades:  manager, bookkeeper, salesperson, customer support specialist, web developer, marketer and more.   We all know that it is impossible to achieve a high level of expertise in every business discipline, so a good leader must prioritize and delegate as necessary.  If you are not an expert in writing, proofreading, blogging, posting or do not have the time to tackle just about any marketing piece, we can help.

Wimpy website?  Tiresome tweets? Powerless press release?  Failed Facebook page?  Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.  We  are currently offering some very attractive grand opening rates.

 At inTrust Marketing, we want to make you, the small business owner, look better than ever! Contact us for help with all your marketing needs. info@intrustmarketing.com




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