To Market, or Not To Market: Does Your Company Have a Website and Facebook Page?


Some of you small business owners might struggle with the idea of spending precious time and limited budget on developing and maintaining a business website and/or Facebook page.  I probably don’t need to convince you that both a website and a Facebook page can bring your business exposure and credibility.  Nonetheless, questions abound, like:

·      Do I need a website, or a Facebook page, or BOTH?

·      Where will I find the time or content to post?

·      Is it worth the investment?


A website is a great resource for potential customers who want to learn about your company.  Great images, professional descriptions and regular updates go a long way in conveying your ­attention to detail and trustworthiness.  Throw in some customer testimonials and a photo gallery, and you’re also demonstrating quality of workmanship and stability.  In terms of cost, a few hundred dollars should cover your annual web domain and hosting fees; if you need help with development, a website designer can throw together a basic design for under $1,000 (varies with complexity).


A website is great for educating visitors, but how can you drive people there for a visit?  With some web optimization and Google ads, you can capture some traffic when people search for your keywords.  You can also give Facebook a try – their users number over 1.19 BILLION worldwide!  A Facebook page provides an incredible platform for businesses, and far more interaction than a traditional website alone will bring.

Consider the following advantages that a vibrant Facebook business page offers:

  1. It’s easy to serve up fresh and appealing content.
  2. You can zero-in on your target customer more effectively than other advertising methods.
  3. Your competition may already be using Facebook; don’t let them get the jump on you.
  4. Facebook marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing tools such as radio, TV, print ads, and direct mail.
  5. It’s a way to “humanize” your company using personal posts.  People buy from someone they know and trust.
  6. A business page is a terrific way to direct traffic to your website.
  7. You can learn what your customers like and don’t like by how they respond to a post.  It’s like having your own focus group.
  8. Facebook is “mobile ready”, meaning that your posts will look good when viewed from a desktop computer or a phone.
  9. Getting referrals is easier than ever.  People love to share their experiences with others on Facebook.  Plus, the referral comes from a friend, not just a professional reference/testimonial on your website.
  10. It helps you build brand loyalty.  If you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, your followers are more likely to do business with you than with a company that has no Facebook presence or a poorly run page.

There’s no cost to create or maintain a business Facebook page, and it’s easy to post photos, special events, etc.  But for best results, you should definitely consider a well-defined schedule for your posts, professional-quality images, a strong branding campaign, as well as Facebook advertising.

So why the hesitation to develop a fresh website and an engaging Facebook page? By ignoring either one of these marketing tools (or using them poorly), you are missing opportunities to reach and engage new customers at a much lower cost than many other marketing tools.   But most importantly, as a small business, you face competition at every turn.  Don’t let someone else get the business just because they took the time to create a respectable online presence.

At inTrust Marketing, we want to make you, the small business owner, look better than ever! Contact us for help with all your business & marketing needs.

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