Three Lessons To My Kids


As a mom of two teenagers, I often find myself searching for inner wisdom to bestow on my kids. I realize that they’ll dismiss many of my wise words with that signature eye-roll which they share, but here are three lessons that I will nag them about incessantly until I’m absolutely SURE they won’t dare resist:

1 – Be kind.

It does not get any simpler than this: Just be nice to other people. Your friends. The lunch-lady. The cashier at Chipotle. And YOUR MOM. And chances are that when you show kindness to others, they’ll show it right back to you. And that feels really good.

2 – Get a job that makes you happy (even if it doesn’t make you rich).  

If you HATE math, then don’t become an accountant just because it pays well. An unfulfilling career makes an unsatisfying life. And if you do something you love, chances are you will excel in the field and success will follow.

My kids still have years of high school and college to discover their interests and determine their paths of life. If your college days are far behind you and your job is unfulfilling, it’s not too late to make a change. If changing jobs isn’t an option, find an activity that makes you happy and squeeze it in to your life. Volunteer at church? Join a bowling league?

I’ve recently traded in a tiresome business job to become a partner with inTrust Marketing. And I must say that Life. Is. Good.

3 – Never…ever…make physical contact with a public toilet.

Do not sit – just hover. And always flush with your foot. Sorry kids; until you stop eye-rolling at my frequent reminders on this, I’ll continue preaching. And some day you’ll instill this lesson in my grandkids.

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