These are Funny, Right?


The recent unveiling of our new website has caused a few people to ask me what we mean by “American-English”.    The easiest way to explain American-English is to show you Chinese-English, also endearingly known as ‘Chinglish’ or ‘Engrish’.




Funny in a charming sort of way, right?    Certainly to some extent, but not when you wish to present yourself to USA businesses as a professional company with unquestionable integrity (absolutely no cheap product knock-offs) and stellar customer service (remember your last conversation the technical support rep who spoke broken English?).

Take a look at the following example of a treadmill listed for sale on Alibaba, THE place for Chinese suppliers to meet American buyers.   You may be surprised to learn that the majority of Chinese product listings on Alibaba suffer the same grammar, punctuation and connotation errors.

alibaba listing example 1

My partner, Colleen, and I did a great deal of work recently creating American-English marketing materials for a Chinese company.   We learned to appreciate the intelligence of our Chinese colleagues (they get kudos for knowing English while most Americans can’t say two words in Chinese), yet we recognized their shortcoming in using the English language correctly.   When we decided to launch inTrust Marketing, we knew this was a need we were well equipped to fulfill.

So, next time you see an ad that makes you smile (or perhaps cringe) because of its English language mistakes,  please send the writer our way!

At inTrust Marketing, we want to make you, the small business owner, look better than ever! Contact us for help with all your marketing needs.

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