There. Their. They’re. Let Us Handle the Details.


Their’s only one chance to make a great first impression.  They’re should never be misspellings, punctuation or grammar errors in your marketing materials (introductory letters, brochures, website, Facebook posts, etc).  When customers see such errors, their likely to question your attention to detail and overall quality, and they may end up taking there business elsewhere.


The preceding paragraph was downright PAINFUL for me to write!  I’m guessing that most readers easily picked up on my (intentional) misuse of “there-their-they’re.”  If you didn’t, then for your own sake contact me ASAP and don’t even think of posting on your business page until you do.

All kidding aside, what might seem like a small error can be quite detrimental to landing yourself some new business.  If I’m comparing two offers, ‘Company #1’ which has clean English and proper punctuation and ‘Company #2” with a misspelled “there,” Company #1 has an early advantage.  Written errors raise a warning flag: Poor Attention to Detail.  Could that maybe be a sign of overall quality?  It makes potential customers wonder…it creates some early doubt.  Don’t come out of the gates with a clear disadvantage.  Pay close attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Need help?  InTrust Marketing can proofread your materials, or we can create them from scratch!

 At inTrust Marketing, we want to make you, the small business owner, look better than ever! Contact us for help with all your marketing needs.

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