The Small Things Really Do Matter


If you sit at a computer all day like me, then you can appreciate how finding a better way to perform a task can make your day or even your week. It’s similar to the satisfaction I felt when I discovered that the tabs on the ends of the plastic wrap box keep the roll in place (check it out, they work!).  Here are some small software discoveries (or “hacks”) that have changed my life for the better.

Gmail: You really can recall an email that you didn’t mean to send! Just think of all the anguish you could have avoided had you known that all along.   Okay, so you only have up to 30 seconds to change your mind, but that’s long enough to hit recall and attach the file that you forgot to include the first time. Turn this feature on under ‘Settings’ in Gmail.

Clipboard: As a long-time PC user and now a novice Mac user, I was relieved to learn that the Mac allows me to copy multiple items to the Clipboard and Paste them all at once elsewhere. I just needed to download an app to handle the job for me. I chose the free ‘CopyClip’ app, but there are many apps out there to choose from depending upon how many bells and whistles you desire. Note: If you are a PC user and didn’t know you could copy multiple selections to the Clipboard (up to 24), click here to see how.

iPhoto: Pictures, picture, pictures!   It’s great that the pictures appear on all your devices, but they take tons of storage that you may not have, particularly on your iPhone or iPad.  The quick fix is to save pictures on your computer yet remove them from your other devices. I simply created a new folder outside of iPhoto, copied the desired images into the new folder, then deleted them from iPhoto. Voila! Images are gone from iPhoto thus freeing much-needed space on my phone and tablet, yet preserved on my computer where I have lots of space.

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