Starting a New Year, Again (plus a free desktop organizer)

2017.  Really??  My how time flies!  The older I get the faster time goes!   Thanksgiving and Christmas were here and gone in a twinkling of an eye!   My 2016 resolutions went down the drain in a New York minute!  

If you're like me, there just aren't enough idioms to express how strongly I feel that time is marching by too quickly for all that I need/want to accomplish.  Once again, I find myself in a new year setting new goals with high hopes that I will fulfill them before the ball drops (literally in NYC) and 2018 rolls in.

The new year also brings another chance to get my life in order– along with my closets, drawers, files and emails.   Out with the old and in with the new!  Time to start with a clean slate and turn over a new leaf!

Okay, enough already!  If you want to make a fresh start too, here's a desktop tool that will help you get your computer files in order.   You can download our winter desktop organizer by filling in your name and email address below.  Happy fresh start!


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