Small Business Success: Reed Home Improvement

Allow me to tell you about my friend Tony.   Tony has this innate ability to build and repair just about anything. What started as a hobby soon became a side-job, and then grew to be his passion. No longer could clocking in and out as a grocery store manager possibly fulfill Tony’s dreams.

When the lovely Lisa entered the picture and stole Tony’s heart, she was steadfast in her support of Tony’s dream to become an independent contractor. Shortly after saying “I do”, the couple founded Reed Home Improvement and began their crazy, stressful, difficult and incredibly fulfilling journey as small business owners.

From the start, their teamwork has been exceptional. Lisa’s friendly demeanor coupled with stellar customer service brings in the customers… and Tony’s quality workmanship, reliability and can-do attitude keeps them coming back.

Amy and I are so happy to call Lisa and Tony our friends, and it was our pleasure to create their website at

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