Sitting Here Thinking (aka Working from Home)

28561-Cup-Of-Coffee-OutdoorsFirst of all, let me say that I am NOT complaining.  I work from home and absolutely love the flexibility it offers.   I cannot put a price tag on the ability to control my schedule and create a more optimal life/work balance.

So when I’m sitting on the deck on a beautiful spring morning, feet up, fresh cup of coffee and faithful dog by my side,I can’t take offense when my husband suggests I call my next blog article “Sitting Here Thinking”.  I guess it does look to the casual observer like I have a pretty cushy life just hanging out on my deck.  Still, I find it unsettling that others might question my work ethic, or worse yet, think I’m lazy!

I’m sure you can relate if you work from home too, especially if you have your own business.  It’s not easy being chief cook and bottle washer… it takes the talent of a circus juggler and the flexibility of a contortionist to keep everything running smoothly.  There are many late nights and early (I’m talking long-before-the-sun-comes-up-early) mornings when the 9-to-fivers are fast asleep and I am staring down my computer screen tackling the latest software glitch or bookkeeping challenge.

Yes, I do get to shop during the week when the stores are not crowded and I can go to the doctor without asking someone’s permission, but please don’t be fooled when I’m sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee and a far away look.  Working from home just isn’t as easy as it may seem!

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