Short and Sweet

short and sweet

When it comes to business marketing materials, I love brevity.  Concise text.  Charts.  And ooooh… I’m a sucker for bulleted lists.

Sure, there is a time and place for long, elegant text.  For example, the stack of books that I take on vacation will have an abundance of flowery words to vividly describe scenery and paint characters’ features in my mind.  For me, there’s nothing better than a good book to entertain, to evoke emotions and to awaken the imagination.  I love spending hours upon hours leisure-reading.  And I hate when a good book comes to an end.

However, when it comes to “real world” reading, I have no use for flowery.

As a businessperson, I’m BUSY.  I just want the quick facts.  There are 100 tasks on my plate so a bulleted list or summary (versus text-heavy paragraphs) is so appreciated!

As a consumer, I want product packaging to call out key benefits so I don’t have to stand in the aisle at Target and compare benefits of Bluetooth speaker “A” and Bluetooth speaker “B”.  I just want the packaging to quickly help me decipher which Bluetooth speaker fits my needs best.  Also, for products that require assembly, can I get some clear instructions, please?

That’s all for now!

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