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The “Shop Small” movement continues this year with Saturday, November 26th, designated as the day to support your local retailers.  Launched in 2010 by the American Express company, ‘Small Business Saturday’ is quickly becoming as iconic as ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ to the American shopper.

If you own a small business in your community, you are probably prepared for the 26th and have all your “ducks in a row”.   If the 26th seemed like a long way off last summer and now you’re caught unprepared, it’s not too late to do a few basic things to leverage sales that day.

  1. Put together a simple in-store promotion such as 10% off everything, or give a percentage of sales to your favorite charity.
  2. Add something special to the shopping experience that day.  Create an activity center in the corner where kids can play while their parents shop (within sight), offer light refreshments, or run a drawing for a highly desirable store item.
  3. Get the word out on items #1 and #2.  With time so short the best ways to do this are through email and social media.  Email your loyalty customers what you have planned and offer them extra incentive for their loyalty.   Update your website and post frequently about the event on Facebook and other social media accounts you utilize.  Look for national and local organizations (American Express and your Chamber of Commerce are two) that will let you post to their sites or maintain a directory of participating businesses.
  4. Download ready-made marketing materials from American Express for your website, social networks, and store.

Good luck!  We encourage everyone to “Shop Small” on November 26th!


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