No Red Circles: Proofread Everything!

no red circles (2)


I’m NOT perfect.  I know that I’m flawed and often mistaken.  But TYPOS?  Utterly unacceptable!

To my Facebook friends:  Don’t worry, I’m not referring to you.  I think it’s charming when you misspell words while posting your unfiltered thoughts.  It’s raw… and pure… and real.

To my kids:  I understand that all your error-filled texts are the result of either haste or those teeny-tiny cell phone buttons. I’ll excuse the goofs as long as they never surface in your schoolwork, job applications, resumes, etc. (Oh, and make sure you proofread the thank you card to your grandpa, please).

To marketing, sales, administrative and other professionals: YOUR typos make me cringe.   I often grab a red pen when I see errors on business materials.  Somehow, drawing a great big, red circle around typos makes me feel better.  But let’s be honest… your business materials should be 100% error-free. If I see a page full of red circles, I’ve drawn some conclusions about the carelessness (and perhaps intelligence) of the writer, and by association the company he/she represents.

My advice to you is to proofread everything.  Run spell-check.  If writing’s not your thing, ask a colleague to proofread for you.  Avoid typos so you’ll sound smart.

Smart = competent = quality!

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