I Write Way Better Than You


Recently, a friend asked me to proofread a PowerPoint presentation she was preparing to deliver to a group of medical professionals.   I found the presentation error-free except for the incorrect usage of the word “way” as an adjective, as in “the control group performed way better than the treatment group.”

My friend was adamant that “way better” was correct and insisted that in this day and age the word “way” can be used anywhere to add emphasis.   I argued that “way better” and “way more” are slang and should only be used in casual conversations such as these:

  • I liked the movie way more than I thought I would.
  • I think it’s way more fun to work out than diet to lose weight.
  • The ice cream tastes way better on a waffle cone than a cake cone.

Neither my friend nor I would give in so we turned to the internet to settle the matter.  Although there were a couple of sources that considered “way more” and “way better” grammatically correct due to common usage in recent times,  most sources called them colloquial phrases not to be used in formal writing.

I don’t know about you, but I felt MUCH better after reading that!


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