Chinese Companies – Want to Increase Your USA Sales?


It is my observation that marketing materials from Chinese companies are frequently riddled with language errors.  I’m baffled at the disregard for correct English on websites, product listings, sell sheets, etc.  Why don’t Chinese companies present a more professional appearance to American buyers?  Is it that you don’t care?  Or maybe you don’t realize that there are errors present?  If you don’t believe this applies to you, think again.  On reviewing product listings on, I find that a majority of the listings have numerous errors.  Unfortunately, your inattention to detail gives buyers a poor first impression that you can’t communicate well, and chances are that they will choose one of your competitors. 

As the global market becomes more and more competitive,  it is imperative that your marketing materials are translated correctly from Chinese to American-English with attention to meaning, grammar and punctuation.   Buyers worldwide will respect your professionalism and be more likely to purchase from you than those suppliers with error-filled marketing materials. 

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