English isn’t your native language? Let us refine your website, brochures, catalogs, and other marketing materials to appeal to American buyers.

If you are a Chinese (or other non-USA) company and you want to increase your business in America, then for best results have your marketing materials written and/or reviewed by American writers.

We know…you speak English and converse regularly and effectively with your overseas customers. BUT there is a big difference between the day-to-day conversations with customers you KNOW and writing compelling materials that will attract potential customers you DON’T KNOW.

You see, Americans have a certain level of uneasiness when dealing with China. We’ve heard stories of poor quality of goods, lousy service, and difficulty in communicating with Chinese vendors. And unlike you, Americans cannot communicate in YOUR native language (in fact, your alphabet alone baffles us!). So when evaluating potential vendors, American companies’ first contact is frequently your Alibaba profile, your website, or other written marketing materials. It’s imperative that your materials give the reader a sense of trust and competence, and that they demonstrate your fluency in the English language.

Even though you learned English at a very young age, we find that most Chinese companies cannot WRITE English that sounds, well…American. Instead, we see descriptions that sound choppy, context that doesn’t quite make sense, and poor punctuation. And though we can usually figure out what you’re trying to mean…it just doesn’t seem that you’ve put much effort into your work. And thereby our sense of uneasiness grows.

At InTrust Marketing, we’re experienced in working with Chinese companies. Whether you need assistance translating your existing materials into American English or help writing content from scratch, we are at your service!